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  • Hiking among Pelion' s Nature

    Hiking on Pelion mountain and walking along different helps you  get closer to nature and feel its energy..   Pelion was the summer residence of the Olympian gods, the m...
  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding in Pelion is no doubt a strong recall of a beloved Greek habit, related to the Centaurs, the mythical creatures (half-men and half-horses) famous  for their bravery, wisdom...
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  • Meteora Day Trip from Volos

    At the northwest edge of the Plain of Thessaly the stone giants of Meteora stand still and silent. The imposing aspect of Meteora "The Stone Forest" comes to stimula...
  • The Little Train of Pelion

    This day trip offers the chance to experience a ride on the famous little steam train of Pelion, created and launched in 1895.  Designed by engineer Evaristo de Chirico – ...

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