The Life of the Herbs - Flavors of Pelion

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Pelion is widely known as one of the greenest places in Greece. The wide variety of plants that spread all over the area from the coast to the top of the mountain are a strong characteristic of Pelion. The days offered allow you to take a look at the various aspects of your life that will be remembered forever. Walk with us through the flowers in the fields, in the ravines and streams. Follow the stone paths between beech and oak. Enjoy the view of the Aegean Sea with its coastline. Since ancient times, the inhabitants of Pelion utilized various plants for their benefits. They discovered their beneficial effects, were used as perfume and for beauty, and also from those were created equally useful products. Various characters of Mythology like Centaur Chiron and god Asclepius have their roots here. The aim of the people, is to maintain the primary quality of the herb, for example, chamomile, mint, balm-mint, peppermint and lavender and produce, after careful cultivation, tea, vegetative oils and other products for body care.

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The activity of The Life of the Herbs (ADE 818) includes:

  • Transport from your destination in East Pelion
  • Visit to Amanita Organic Garden 3,5 Hours
  • Experienced escort
  • Lunch
  • Pic nic basket
  • Insurance & Taxes



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