East Pelion Mini Boat Tour

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Mini Boat Tour

Discover the beaches of the East Coast of Mountain Pelion’s Peninsula with our daily boat tours!

Starting from the port of Agios Ioannis, we are exploring all of the south area passing by lovely beaches and tranquil bays, hidden by steep cliffs and vegetation, some well-known and some almost isolated without an easy access from the land.

While tripping we will get enchanted both by nature's beauty and the old traditional churches and buildings cast ashore. 
Out trip begins from the small port of Agios Ioannis to the historical cove of Damouchari that used to be the area's center of commerce a long time ago-with the same-named impressive beach – where the film Mamma Mia was shot.Then, we approach  Agios Athana ssios Bay where we can swim and feel the difference in the water's temparature due to the underwater springs running into the sea.We then approach  the Fakistra Cave.Here the stalagmites and the stalactites have started being formed thousands of years before creating a fascinating scenery!After that, we pass the beach of Fakistra and then Mylopotamos, the most popular of the area characteristic of which are the azure waters and the naturally formed rock arch.Last but not least comes Limnionas, peaceful beach with wild beauty at the same time.
Admire the Green, Swim in and Feel the Blue,Breathe the Breeze of Aegean Sea, Dive in and enjoy the cool currents, Go snorkeling around the underwater, full of marine life, rocks!

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Price includes:

  • Transportation with motor boats.
  • Sea equipment (life jackets,snorkels etc).
  • English speaking guide ( or other language if requested).
  • Travel insurance
  • All taxes


From EUR 90

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  • Damouchari impressive port, a souvenir from previous times
  • Agios Athanasios springs, a dive there rejuvenates everyone!
  • Fakistra cave with its stalagmites ans stalactites 
  • Mylopotamos natural arch
  • Liminonas for relaxation and some sun-bathing!

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  1. Agios Ioannis
  2. Pelion
  3. Zagora
  4. Agios Ioannis