Galanorema Canyon "Sport"

Galanorema located in the eastern part of Pelion, above Zagora village. The canyon is mild with 9 beautiful waterfalls up to 30m, slides, jumps and wild vegetation. A mild trekking route through the green forest leads to the entrance of the canyon.

Equipment provided

  • helmet
  • wetsuit neoprene (5mm)
  • harness
  • special canyoning backpack
  • waterproof container

Bring with you:

  • bathing suit
  • shorts or leggings and shirt for trekking
  • a bottle of mineral water and a snack
  • bath towel
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • The first will be wet during canyoning (special canyoning shoes or trekking shoes or oil resistant labor shoes, that protect the ankle)
  • The second will be used after the activity.


  • Total activity: 4 hours
  • Training: 30 minutes
  • Hiking to enter the canyon: 50 minutes
  • Canyoning: 4 hours
  • Hiking to exit the canyon: 50 minutes


Activity starts at 09:00

Activity ends at 16:00

Canyoning Season: May - October


Difficulty Level: SPORT


A sports tour for beginners and adolescents (over 16 years old).

The hike to the canyon can be steep and passages can be more vertical and narrow (up to 1m).

The highest abseil can be up to 50 meters, while jumps and slides are always optional. There are not always escape routes in the canyon.

Duration: 4-6 hours.


  • Normal physical and mental condition
  • Normal weight
  • Capable swimmer
  • Not afraid of heights
  • Minors accompanied by parent or legal guardian
  • No prior use of alcohol and drugs
  • Minimum prior outdoor and sports experience


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