In the wake of the Centaurs

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Departure on foot from Adamenas Square in the morning, at 11:00.

The path starts from the stone archway in the small square next to the streams that bubble up everywhere! A fairytale green path runs alongside the stream, with its many picturesque wooden bridges and an amazing variety of plants and trees. It is a most beautiful walk among the beech trees, plane trees and chestnut trees!!

After about a half hour’s hiking uphill along the trail, we reach the Mana (mother) spring that provides the water supply to Portaria and Volos. Afterwards we will take the trail down to the village along the old stone path that runs between 18th century mansions. On our way we will visit the Church of Aghios Nikolaos and Panaghia Portarea (13th century), around which Portaria itself was built.

Our walk ends in the picturesque main square of Portaria with a cup of mountain tea or Greek coffee.

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Things you need to know:

Take a plastic bottle with you to fill up with fresh spring water, and don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes.

We can organise groups of between 4 and 20 participants
Availability: places available every day except Sundays, all year round
Cost varies, according to the number of participants


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