Cooking Lessons in Pelion

If you are keen on trying unique experiences, Pelion mountain invites you to a  very special one.Greek Cooking Classes!

A world of aromas and herbs used by the Centaurs for healing purposes  are now offered for your cooking skills.


Have you ever tried to collect herbs and vegetables before cooking?


The "Karaiskos" Farm offers a complete cookong-lesson experience and will set the table for you, so as to enjoy your own creations.


Live the art of making traditional Greek recipes and draw your own memories, living  and cooking like locals do!


Prices include:

  • Cooking Lessons
  • Insurance and Vat


Portaria Village


  • Enjoying the pie that you made with your own hands
  • Picking fruits and vegetables from the garden or "bostani" in Greek and feeling part of nature
  • Discovering original Pelion dishes like "horta me avga" cooked wild greens with poached eggs or "Spetzofai" a combination of sauage cooked with peppers and tomato sauce.


  1. Portaria