Horse Riding

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It is not an accident that the homeland of the Centaurs, half-men and half-horses was Pelion according to the Greek Mythology. Well known for their bravery and deep knowledge of herbs they were respected by humans and always had a guiding role to play in many of the mythical stories…

Horses had also a special role to play and riding has always been one of Greece's favorite activities. It had been for centuries the only way of transportation until the emerge of machines.

Riding in Pelion either in one of the traditional cobbled paths, whose purpose was to help the way of the horses or among the forest one is simply enchanted .It is the peaceful pace of the horses that  take him in places among the greenery, through olive groves, squares with old trees and traditional houses.

The old cobbled paths that we follow in our tours have been maintained by many generations of native people and each one carries a history of its own, long before the cars started moving on the asphalt covered roads. Trotting through small traditional villages, old monasteries and castles where we stop to admire nature. Visitors have the opportunity to ride for one hour and a half, covering a distance from Koropi next to the sea up to Milies village whose name stands for apple trees in Greek. Offering uniquely the product "two in one", mountain and sea, Mountain Pelion will delight you in this tour too.

Price includes:                                    
  • 1 hour and half horse Riding
  • Experienced guide
  • Insurance and Vat
  • One -horse for each rider-even for kids 
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  1. Koropi
  2. Milies