Cooking lessons in a farm

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If you want to hold on a little more to the magic of your journey in the mythical mountain of the Centaurs and the Argonauts, we invite you to participate in our traditional Greek cooking classes. The gastronomy, culture and natural landscape of Pelion, through the many traditional aromas and flavors of this region of Greece, are going to follow you back home

Available recipes:
1) Let's make the famous Greek pie with local woman
Greek Pie: a tasty and healthy snack during the day
You will learn how to make-open phyllo dough by the traditional way for the pie, fill it with fresh vegetables and herbs collected straight from the farm’s garden and bake it in the wood oven.
Until the pie is ready, we will prepare fluffy fried zucchini-balls, a tradi-tional refreshing aromatic yogurt dip – tzatziki - with herds from the garden and a fresh seasonal salad.

2) Vegetarian lovers
From the farm to the table
Learn how to cook with what the fertile land of Pelion produces. We will cook "Briam" (oven-baked vegetables) with various seasonal vegetables gathered from the garden.
Until the “Briam” is ready, we will prepare a delicious Pesto Pasta. Our chef will teach you how to prepare our local and traditional pasta called “hilopites” and homemade basil sauce. This menu also includes preparing a traditional refreshing aromatic yogurt dip – tzatziki - with herds from the garden and a fresh seasonal salad.

3) Discovering the secrets of Pelion’s land
Feast of Flavors 
You will learn how to cook a traditional Pelion recipe, “Meatballs in toma-to sauce”. Knead the meatballs, prepare fresh tomato sauce and serve them with traditional local pasta “hilopites”. We set the table and com-plete our meal with traditional “Batzina”, an original zucchini pie from the region of Thessaly, a traditional refreshing aromatic yogurt dip – tzatziki - with herds from the garden and a fresh seasonal salad.

Guests are being welcomed,  with a cup of hot mountain tea or homemade sour cherry juice. The pie will be served on the table accompanied with sea-sonal salad and wine from the Greek vineyard. At the end of the lesson, we say goodbye to our guests with small gifts and participation diplomas.

Guests are picked up from the assembly point and at about 11.00 reach the Karaiskos Farm, where they are welcomed with a cup of Greek coffee, served with grape must "loukoumi".

Next, they visit the vegetable garden to learn about the seasonal products and herbs locally grown in Pelion. Most ingredients are taken from this garden and they are usually prepared and ready to be used in special bowls before the class starts. During the class, traditional Greek spirits like "tsipouro" or "ouzo" are served accompanied by olives and feta cheese.

 After the cooking class, at about 14.00, the table is set for the meal. Wine is served free of charge.

At the end, a group photo is going to be taken with the guests and staff. Also, the impressions made during the class can be written  in the guest book and the gifts are going to be handed out to the  participants ( a souvenir certificate of attendance, a book with the recipes, a small gift bag with traditional olives, Pelion ouzo and a cooking apron).

Price includes:

  • Cooking Lessons
  • Insurance and Vat

From EUR 80

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Portaria Village


  • Enjoying the pie that you made with your own hands
  • The smell of bread that has just come of the oven
  • Picking fruits and vegetables from the garden or "bostani" in Greek and feeling part of nature
  • Drinking ouzo and wishing "Yamas!" meaning "Cheers!"


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