The Little Train of Pelion

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This day trip offers the chance to experience a ride on the famous train of Pelion, created in 1895. In this itinerary we can discover details of one of the most characteristic railway lines in the world (60 cm wide narrow-gauge railway).

Designed by Evaristo de Chirico – the father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico – it is known for its high aesthetics and its architectural harmony, parts of which are the bridges we cross along our way.

We depart by bus from Volos or Agios Ioannis to Ano Lechonia. At the station of Ano Lechonia we board on the train and enjoy the one and a half hour adventure with the so-called “Mountzouris”, meaning smudgy in Greek.

Having arrived at the railway station of Milies, we follow a path towards the village center, with its famous square and the exceptionally decorated -with wood carved interior- church.

Optionally we can continue by bus to Vizitsa, where we will have a traditional lunch and visit the traditional attractions of villages.
Return to our point of departure early in the afternoon. 

Price includes:

Transportation with minibus & the train's tickets.

The time of departure and return depend on the starting times (Volos and other areas of Pelion). The route can be done either having Ano Lehonia or Milies as our start, always depending on availability of seats on the train.

Minimum participation: 5 Persons

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Volos or Agios Ioannis

Ano Lehonia


optionally:Vyzitsa village



  • The Train "Moutzouris" itself
  • The bridge of De Chirico 
  • The square and church of Milies


  1. Volos
  2. Ano Lexonia
  3. Ano Gatzea
  4. Milies
  5. Vizitsa
  6. Agios Ioannis