Pelion Sea Kayaking

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From EUR 35

The mythical ship "Argo" with Jason and The Argonauts on board, had set off from the port of ancient Iolcus to seek the Golden Fleece. Nowadays the east Pelion coastline challenges you to become a modern Argonaut, discovering hidden treasures.

Our starting point is Damouchari, which is the most recommended family-friendly beach in Pelion, paddling with kayak / SUP to Fakistra beach, which is our final destination. This route is easy moving and everybody can do it easily. The big sea caves, the deep blue sea and the formation of the big rocks with the deep vegetation reaching the sea, make the Pelion coastline exclusively unique.

If you are addicted to adventure and want to spend the whole day in the water and explore the very most part of Pelion coastline, which is inaccessible by the land, then kayaking is for you.  You can first paddle to Agios Athanasios bay with the underwater springs, then reach to Fakistra Cave, to finally arrive at the Fakistra beach.

In addition, beverages, snacks (short & half-day trips) or a healthy lunch made by local products are provided during the stop(s). All the trips start & end at Damouchari.

Price includes:

  • All the kayaking / SUP equipment provided
  • Guiding + briefing before the trip 
  • Morning snack & healthy lunch (on certain tours only) 
  • Snorkelling equipment 
  • Waterproof bags of various sizes 
  • Photos of the tour 
  • Safety & emergency equipment (carried by our guide) 

Fishing rods (upon request) 

From EUR 35

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Fakistra Sea Cave Tour: 

Moving on the south coastline we are doing stops along the way up to the Beach of Fakistra, peaceful and picturesque,Pic nic is included

Unspoilt Pelion Coast:

Moving always south we cover  distance of 7 kms up to the beach of Limnionas with a pic nic offered.

Lessons SUP:

We have the chance to learn Stand Up Paddling and discover at the same tome the beauty of the area close to Damouchari.


Sunrise Paddling:

Enjoying thre sunrise at the area close to Damouchari


  • Agios Athanassios bay, where cold water runs into the sea changing  its temperature
  • Fakistra cave, with its impressive formations of stalagmites and stalactite
  • Fakistra beach, with crystal clear waters and green scenery all around


  1. Damouchari beach
  2. Agios Athanasios Springs
  3. Fakistra Sea Cave
  4. Fakistra Beach
  5. Mylopotamos Beach
  6. Limnionas Beach